Molding Roll Forming Machine Needs Skills

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1, Machine 3, of the overall design through the analysis of the applications of molding roll forming equipment use and function requirements, in accordance with the requirements of the main design index of forming machine to carry on the design, mainly includes: feeding system, heating system, extrusion molding system and cooling protection system. The relative rotation to achieve two squeezing roller extrusion, by far infrared heating to the system, into a cavity for the stress analysis and the choice of parameters of concrete, and has carried on the design of the hydraulic system. On the basis of comparing the existing forming equipment, innovative proposed the cold press molding machine mechanical system.

bulls extrusion type of straw machine, improve the production efficiency, reduce the energy consumption. And on the basis of above, the machine design, the overall structure of the whole machine working process were analyzed.

2, The molding fuel physical quality evaluation to evaluate the physical quality of the molding fuel research is one of the key content, because it will directly influence on the performance of the molding fuel storage, transportation and use. In the physical quality of the straw is mainly review the relaxation density and durability of the straw, in this paper, the mold temperature is obtained by experiment and the curve of moisture content and density and durability, and draws the following conclusions: in different raw material moisture content and different roll form machine temperatures, it is different on the unwinding of the straw briquette fuel density, according to the moisture content of raw material and forming curve, the relationship between temperature and density and density are analyzed, the change of the relationship between the roof panel roll forming machine temperature is 220 ℃, the moisture content of about 12%, the molding fuel with high density of relaxation.

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RE: Molding Roll Forming Machine Needs Skills

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Many people have flown, but do not understand the relevant type of remote-controlled aircraft fuel and its function, and now I would like to introduce its related functions and types.

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