called LED lights again

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Some people say led flood light s is durable, while some people say not?

In fact, this involves the people to understand the problem of LED lights that use LED lights to some tips.

LED is a light-emitting diode, also known as semiconductors, she and traditional light emitting principle is completely different, is a cold light source, electro-optical conversion rate is very high, so super energy efficient. As for the resistance is not durable have to look at chip technology, packaging technology, whether cut corners, as well as install and use the environment and many other factors. Here to tell you some tips for your reference.

First called the LED light is absolutely the same grade of the points - light shade efficiency, energy-saving effect, durability is definitely not the same, of course, the price difference is too big. LED lights sells on the market today is uneven, cohabitation - with the regular army, a small workshop, a cottage.

Second, different grades of LED lights, the same lamp wattage lighting effects which may be significant differences, people tend to like to put the same wattage lamp than the price, like the low price. Such as a formal 6W LED light equivalent to small workshop 9W LED lamp brightness, the price is similar, I ask which is more cost-effective to use?

Also called LED lights again, some for space lighting, spotlights and some suitable lighting. Such as a single lamp beads in 1W and above what we call high power LED, currently mainly for spotlighting, observe it, she is a bundle of light bunch, actually there are many families used for the interior space lighting. In fact, most of the interior space lighting should use low-power led tube.

Therefore, in the choice of LED lights should pay attention to packaging, brand, logo is standard, with a light environment is appropriate, the lighting requirements are based or space lighting spotlights lighting (fixed lighting) based.

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RE: called LED lights again

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this a good article


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