Totally different from an electric motor

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In simple words, these are devices that generate linear movement or motion. In most of the cases, these actuators are operated on hydraulic systems or by using mechanical actuation techniques. These actuators utilize non-linear motion as their input pneumatic actuators .

A linear actuator is totally different from an electric motor because it applies the same amount of force in a linear motion instead of rotational motion. However, a linear motion can be attained in many different ways, and an actuator which is linear can easily convert rotational motion into linear motion.

What is the Principle of Linear Motion Actuators?

The basic principle these devices depend upon is the inclined plane in the system. The lead screw present in this mechanism has threads that act as a ramp. It allows the device to undergo small rotational force that eventually helps in moving large load over a short distance.

Fine Traits of Linear Actuators

These actuators are known for its sheer stability even when they are used at low speeds. They offer easy acceleration and deceleration process. Now-a-days, these devices are computer programmed to operate the motions at numerous stopping stages electric actuators . They are effectively programmed to be used for seamless adjustment of speed and position. Also, the setup change is pretty simple. The data can be changed in a few simple steps.

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RE: Totally different from an electric motor

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