The Spiral Steel Pipe and Its Manufacturing Techniques

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Spiral welded pipe manufacturing techniques:
(1) raw materials: strip volumes, welding wire, flux.
(2) steel strip and tail docking,
(3) before molding, strips should be processing with leveling, cutting edge, surface cleaning and flanging
(4) control the conveyor pressure cylinders under pressure on both sides with electric contact pressure gauge to ensure smooth transportation of steel strip.
(5) use external or internal roll-style forming method.
(6) Ensure the welding seam for the requirements of welding by using seam leakage control device, thus the black steel pipe diameter; alignment tolerance and weld gap were strictly controlled.
(7) Internal and external are both using the United States Lincoln Electric welding machine for single-or double-wire submerged arc welding, so as to secure a stable specification.
(8) Finished welding have undergone continuous online ultrasonic instrument checks automatically wound, ensuring 100% spiral coverage of non-destructive testing of welds. If there are defects, automatic alarm and sprayed the tag, according to this, production workers adjust the process parameters and elimination of deficiencies in a timely manner.
(9) cut the pipe with air plasma cutting machine.
(10) after cutting into single root pipe, each batch pipe should be strictly examined initially. Check the weld of mechanical performance, chemical ingredients, mix situation, pipe surface quality and official inputs production comes after loss-less flaw test which ensure system tube technology qualified.
(11) manually ultrasonic and x ray review the weld parts where there is continuous sonic flaw mark, if so, fix it and retest until you have confirmed defects has elimination.
(12) every pipe should have hydrostatic test pressure radial seals. Test pressure and time are controlled by microcomputer detection device of API steel pipe water pressure tight. Test parameters to automatically print records.
(13) Machining the pipe end, ensure the perpendicularity, spats and blunt edges of the surface are accurately controlled.

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RE: The Spiral Steel Pipe and Its Manufacturing Techniques

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It is difficult for me to understand the problem, isn't it like a helicopter propeller, could you give me introduce principle?

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