A Variety of Vacuum Tube on Offer

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Heat pipe vacuum tube has the irreplaceable advantages compared with other types of solar water heater:

1. The resistance to freezing: using antifreeze type heat pipe, even in - 50 ℃ cold frosty conditions will not.
2. Start the fast: heat pipe heat capacity is big, after a few minutes in the sun heat output;Between cloudy and sunny weather, water heater can produce more hot water than others.
3. Do not scale: because the water is not directly through the vacuum tube, to avoid the congestion caused by furring waterway.
4. Good heat preservation, heat pipe has the characteristics of unidirectional heat transfer, keep the hot water at night along the heat pipe cooling down into the surrounding environment.
5. High pressure: because of no water inside the glass tube, after the connection into collector can follow the pressure of tap water and circulating pump, and therefore should be in the large and medium-sized hot water system of large and medium-sized application.
6. Good heat shock: even if the user accidentally wrong operation, empty after sun sun immediately into the cold water in the water heater, vacuum tube will not burst.
7. Easy installation, reliable operation, collectors in the vacuum tube between the collector and is "dry connection", there is no hot water leakage problem, installation is convenient; Even if there is a heat pipe appear problem, in the process of maintenance will not affect the normal use of the whole system.

It is because of the heat pipe vacuum tube has more than a lot of advantage, to the sun by the governments of the world more and more attention. Beijing solar energy research institute of the heat pipe vacuum tube collector after Germany and Switzerland examination organization test, thermal performance index has reached the international advanced level in the nineties, became the third in the world after the French and British units and batch production of heat pipe vacuum tube collector.

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RE: A Variety of Vacuum Tube on Offer

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