The Aesthetic Features of Anime Costumes

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1. The fissionability of anime costumes. The so-called fashion is that at a certain time or a certain geographical, widely popular advocating certain things. It gives people a pleasure and reflects the extraordinary lifestyle. Anime costumes design style is elements of anime costumes, such as design concept color, style, material, accessories. They constitute a unique artistic charm of animation works. Its appearance not only has a distinct tendency and differences, its style can convey overall features of anime costumes instantly and better. It has a very strong appeal and unique, and is loved by audience. So that consumers can have resonate spirit, at the same time can meet the individual needs, and achieve self-ideal. For example in the "Sponge Bob", Sponge Bob wears a white shirt and a red tie as a White Collar. As the Money means everything Crab Boss wears a black brimmed belt at the waist as a rich man. Inventors squirrel Sandy wears a space cap and a wetsuit which is unique.

2. The virtual of anime costumes. The virtual of anime costumes make the virtual anime character image get the fullest and most specifically performance. Many anime character is not necessarily human being, it is likely to be some kind of animal, or non-biological and fantasy form life, or some spiritual connotation sustenance carrier. Even the anime character is human being, in fact, it is focused on shaping the virtual human. In the anime artistic expression, anime costumes can shape the anime character better, and let the anime plump up and vivid. Anime costumes play a good role in packaging for the virtual identity, virtual character, virtual psychological, and virtual shape, and interpret the anime character better. Such as "Dora A Dream" jingle cat, "Mr. Super" Bob and his family in the "The Incredibles", "Stretch Supergirl "Helen, "Impregnable Invisible Man" Pakistan Xiaoqian, "Water Flying Scud" Palestinian Xiaofei, Cowboy Sheriff Woody and Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear in the "Toy Story".

The anime costume can help manifest anime character or exaggerated, or illusory, or cartoons, or grotesque features prominently. Frankly speaking, there are many different kinds of cosplay costumes for sale. The beauty of anime costumes is that it not only can reflect the different character of cartoon characters, but also in harmony with the surrounding environment, and make fuller image of characters until it reaches an ideal state of perfection.

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RE: The Aesthetic Features of Anime Costumes

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