The Psychological Meaning of Cosplay

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Cosplay costume wig or cheap cosplay costumes refers to the individual and there is the gap between the role that he has. Show the so-called "role distance", including those who act, but can not meet the role specification, such as professor of the worthy of our soldiers, military discipline is lax. When a person does not assume a role, its behavior does not constitute a role distance. Role distance of cosplay costume wig shows that the separation of self and the ideal role model is that it prevents a person into the role.

The performance of the social role needs a series of measures. Which needs to be decorated, and social performance also needs scenery and props. On the one hand, they play a symbolic role which is also a role activity place. On the other hand they are practical of cheap cosplay costumes. Closer contact with the society, the performer is the instrument and manners. The former is the role of external representation and the latter is a reflection of the role of internal quality. Role performance before and after. Performance refers to the people are playing a role, performance refers to the exercises before the formal performance behind the podium. Distinguish the two performance has practical significance. Such as hotels, restaurants and other service personnel must avoid confusion of two kinds of performance of cosplay costume wig. To make the role has excellent performance, but also need to realize the role of coordination, or one character's mistake may lead to the failure of the whole performance.

Role play consists of the expectation of the role and the perception of the role. The first encounter is the social or other people's expectations. The second one is for perception of the role of cosplay costume wig. The role for the role of practice, considering this is the further development of expectation and understood, is shown in the individual action roles. Refering to a set of interdependent and complementary role. Character set includes the multiple roles on a person which likes a personal bear the mother, a doctor at the same time, union members and adjunct professor, director of the role. It focuses on a person's internal relations. Different roles of cheap cosplay costumes and cosplay costume wig due to the particular role relationship considering coupling together.

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RE: The Psychological Meaning of Cosplay

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