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There are many kinds of electric actuator, and electric ball valve actuator is a member of them. Ball valves are designed to open and shut off the water supply and therefore also named port valve. The main components of ball valve include an outer shell, a handle attached to the ball through a hole. The ball inside the shell plugs up the valve. When you turn the handle to the open position, the hole will face the same direction as the valve and when turn it off, the hole faces the valve wall. Many valves in home are gate valves and if you want it to be more anti-corrosive, ball valves are more durable. It is called ball valve because there is a ball inside the valve. They are easy to repair and resistant to high pressure and temperature.You can find best pneumatic actuators from flwoxgroup website.

Ball valve has several variations. The hole inside the valve has the same dimension as the pipe which can keep water from being restricted and the reduced valve can provide a smaller opening than the pipe which makes less water flow. For high velocity flow, there is a pin in the valve to protect the valve from dislodging. Some three and four way valves are also available and the flow will be different according to the position of the ball. The whole will shaped like a T or a L, while it is T, water can flow in two different direction or one direction with another one closed and while it is L, only one direction is available at one time.

The ball valve is used to control the flow and different equipment’s and situations may apply different flow, and therefore, there are different types of Ball Valve . Difference lie in these valves but they have some common aspects such as a handle to move the ball. Here are the most three common typesNow to know more information about electric actuators from our website.

Full Port Ball valve

It is a type of port valve that has no restriction to the flow. The valve is oversize and therefore allows a complete flow of liquid and less friction. This type of ball valve is more expensive than other types since it has larger size. It can be a 90-degree or a 360-degree turn radius. Material such as plastic and metal are very common and some metal ball valves have a ceramic center.

Standard Port Ball Valve

This type of ball valve is different from the former one, it does not have an oversize ball, and instead, a smaller one which is smaller than the pipe to reduce the flow of water. Same as full port ball valve, it can be 90-degree or 360-degree turn radius. When flow need to be restricted slightly, standard port ball valve is being applied. But this type will cause more friction and therefore easier to wear.

Reduced Port Ball Valve

Just as the name imply, it has a small hole than the pipe to reduce the flow of fluid, but the size of the hole can be changed and determined according to how much reduction you need.

The above three type of ball valve are for sale now, if you are interested and need more information, welcome to contact us.

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