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As far as dangles go, he hangs quite low, but heís not cheap pandora charms too heavy. I know that a lot of people donít really go in for the dangle charms, but you can see how the format has given the designers more freedom with his pose and proportions. Youíll also be glad to know that I havenít had Ė so far Ė any problems with him snagging on jumpers or pulling threads. Heís relatively free of dangerous edges! Youíve already seen this bracelet, but I thought Iíd post another photo of it for good measure. ^^ After taking this picture, I did rearrange this bracelet a little so that I could fit my silver Pooh Portrait charm on it as well. I took the Scottie Dog off and swapped Pooh on. Sometimes you get so used to charms being in a particular design that it doesnít really occur to you that you can change them! The Scottie Dog has always been on this bracelet, and it was like a slap-your-forehead moment for me when I realised that he really wasnít crucial to this design, haha. Disney week continues on Mora Pandora, with my next Pandora Disney Spring 2017 review: last time we covered Tigger, one of my absolute favourites from the new collection and from Winnie the Pooh in general. Today weíre dipping into the world of Peter Pan, with a closer look at the two new Tinker Bell charms for this season! Pandora had previously brought out Tinker Bell charms for both 2015 and 2016, but this is the first release that has firmly convinced me that I need to indulge. For 2017, theyíve brought out Tinker Bellís Dress and Shoe, both of which are detailed in a lovely shimmering emerald enamel. I did also manage to get hold of the limited edition Valentineís gift packaging along with this purchase, which was rather exciting! I was on holiday in Brighton a couple of weeks ago for my anniversary and this purchase will be a lovely souvenir of that weekend away. The colour is a lovely deep cerise, more of a rich wine colour than pink exactly. Itís feminine, but less soft than lighter shades, offering a little drama; something of a compromise between the baby pinks of previous Valentineís collections and many collectorsí requests for some more dramatic Valentineís reds, perhaps. Thepandora uk outlet sale glass is tinged pink all the way through, but the depth of colour appears to be wrapped around the core.

There was the pandora charms sale clearance usual variation in size, however, and the one I ended up with is probably a little on the skinny side, on balance. Iíd probably swap it for a bigger one if I had the chance again, as I feel its slimness detracts from the impact of the colour a little. This is one of two pieces I got from the collection; Iíve been good and have stuck to my Pandora ban very well so far. Letís hope I can keep it going until the launch of the Spring collection next month! Iím aware that Iíve got lots of lovely responses to read and reply to on my Pandora Spring 2017 preview, but life has been pretty crazy this week and so I just havenít had the time Ė lots of changes and busy things are going on at the moment, but I will get on to it asap! This one is much easier to do up, even when brand new, and you still get the pretty effect on the clasp. The only thing to note is that the sparkling design is only one side; on the back of the clasp, thereís the plain Pandora silver logo. I like this very much, however; it would be nice to see a version of the Moments charm bracelet with the bangle clasp. Pandora first experimented with using this clasp as a clasp back in 2014, when they released the limited edition Circle of Love bangle for Motherís Day. This is quite a hard to find piece these days but, if you do it have it, then it makes for a gorgeous stack with this new version of the bracelet! Today Iím posting my next Pandora AW16 review, with a closer look at my favourite beads from the Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 collection! We have a little window of time between now and the launch of the Pandora Valentineís 2017 collection mid-January, and so I thought that Iíd do a little series of mini Ďcatch-upí reviews, where I take a look at various charms from earlier collections in 2016 that I didnít manage to review at the time. Back when the first AW16 previews came out, the Essence Autumn 2016 collection was the one that got me the most excited! With its pretty, soft pastels, the delicate patterning on the enamel Freedom bead and the use of genuine mother of pearl on three of the beads, I was head over heels. The CZ beads might not be to everyoneís taste, but they also represent a more contemporary look for the Essence collection, and demonstrate how Pandora is looking to broaden its appeal pandora charms disney

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