How to Make a Rock Crusher?

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We all know that rock crusher is widely used in our daily life. The rock crushers have different types and different sizes. And we decide which type to use depending on what we are going to crush. The larger rock crusher can breaks down tons of rock and ore in one day while some strictly handheld rock crusher can only crush some small and soft materials. If you want to your own rock crusher, you should learn some welding skills first because of that iron is the ore of choice when it comes to breaking rocks into hand-sized pieces, and a skilled or even semi-skilled welder are the only people who can shape iron. Unlike the industrial crusher, it is more suitable for homeowners or amateur prospectors. If you want to make your own rock crusher, here are some steps you can follow. But, you should prepare something first: arc welding kit, c-clamp (5-inch), iron board (1/2-inch thick, 10-by-16 inches), iron pipe (1/4-inch thick, 4-inch diameter, 12 inches long), one end capped (1/4-inch thick, 2 1/2 inch-diameter, 6 inches long), iron rod (1-inch diameter, 3 feet long), mixing sticks, permanent marker, quick-dry concrete, tape measure, trowel, welder's mask, and wheelbarrow or metal mixing tub. All these things are easily to be found in a store and after having prepared these things, you can begin to make your own rock crusher by following the steps belows.

Step 1
Measure and mark the center of the iron board by using your tape measure and permanent marker. And then center the 4-inch diameter pipe on the mark. After that, operate the arc welding torch and remember to wear your welder's mask to be protected. Use the arc welding torch to weld the 4-inch pipe to the iron board. Then wait a few minutes until the pipe is cool to be touched.

Step 2
Find about 2 lbs. of quick dry cement. Then pour them in a wheelbarrow or metal tub. After that, try your best to mix the materials. Make sure the cement is mixed enough,and then use the cement that has been mixed to pack the capped 6-inch iron pipe with a trowel.

Step 3
Move the 3-foot iron rod after inserting it into the cement until it stands at the center of the pipe. Fix a C-clamp to the 3-foot iron rod and lay the clamp on the top of the pipe to prop the 3-foot iron in place. Then we need to wait about 6 hours to make the cement be dry. After the cement is dry enough, drive the cemented rod pipe down into the 4-inch base pipe to crush rocks.

Follow the steps, and finally your own stone crusher will be made by yourself. Make sure everything is prepared before you start the work and clean the waste after the task.

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