Perfect Wedding of the Famous Sports Star

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Sports stars unload the glory and aura, return to life, and then find their life partners. There will be a new starting point in their life at that moment. In these weddings, brides and grooms were exposed in the spotlight not only because of their reputations, but based on brides’ inexpensive bridal gowns.

In July 4, 1999, Beckham and Vitoria formally held a grand wedding in Dublin, Ireland. The wedding ceremony began after 100 doves flied into the blue sky which is the symbol of pure love. Wearing a long skirt of white new style of couture wedding dresses, covered with 20 feet veil, wearing the crown of 7 jewels veil and priced $100000, the bride and groom ridded carriage to the castle pulled by two white horses. The bride's wedding dress worth 60000 pounds, is one of the expensive wedding dresses in celebrity wedding. Guests at the wedding were more than 450, including celebrities, business tycoons and stars. The wedding is also considered a section of a much told tale in sports, because Beckham couple interprets their marriage promises with their practical actions.

In December 23, 2005, football star Kaka married a church with his 18-year-old girl in love for many years in St. Paul Carolina. Numerous soccer stars came to the wedding scene. Kaka is called "Brazilian Beckham", but he has always been low-key that there was not wantonly extravagant wedding in Brazil. But Carolina's wedding is still belongs to the mini wedding dresses. During the wedding, Kaka was fearless on the court but slightly shy and Carolina wore the series of couture wedding dresses as much as possible to find time to snuggle on Kaka. After the wedding, the new couple is also very affectionate. Kaka remained to protect his wife and family, and no sex scandal.

Yao Ming
Yao Ming was married at the Shangri-La Hotel in August 6, 2007. The wedding ceremony was very simple and in the form of family gatherings, total of more than 70 people attended the wedding. The groomsman is a former Shanghai team member, Shen Wei, and the bridesmaid is the Ye Li’s good friend in the national team, Hu Xiaotao. The wedding lasted 3 hours, Ye Li worn 4 sets of weddings which are expensive wedding dresses, most belongs to couture wedding dresses, the whole process is simple and solemn. Their love story became a tale.

Guo Jingjing
In November 11, 2012, Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok held their wedding. The one is the Diving Queen, won countless honors in sport, and the other is famous wealthy. Their combination is doomed to be a cross-border event. Guo Jingjing dress appropriately and won all praise during wedding process. She was dressed in all kinds of expensive wedding dresses, which showeddignified, elegant, noble, classical and pure charisma, all dresses are tailored fantasy series purple bridesmaids dresses at price of approximately HK $220000, people have been vaguely see some wide presence. Guo Jingjing dressed in all kinds of expensive wedding dresses, not only showed the family financial resources, but also indicated the beginning of one woman’s happy life.

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RE: Perfect Wedding of the Famous Sports Star

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by Frieda • 3 Posts

Thanks for sharing. I really love Beckham and Vitoria, they have four children and a very happy family. Moreover, Beckham is really handsome!


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