Do You Know the Function of the Stone Crusher?

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Crusher used in mining industry is also known as stone crusher, which stands the every crushing machinery that can product the compound particle with its size greater than three millimeters and the output more than 50% of the total discharge quantity after crushing. Stone crusher used in mining industry was first invented by the British. Crushing operations are often classified by the size of its output, which including coarse crushing, medium crushing and subtle crushing. Gravel equipment have many kinds such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, compound crusher, single stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher machine, double roll crusher and so on.

According to different mode of function the stone crusher possesses, the crushing machines can be roughly divided into two categories: normal stone crusher and stone mill.

Normal stone crusher generally deals with larger pieces of material, and handles product coarser which is typically greater than 8 mm. Its structure is characterized by a certain gap between the broken pieces which do not touch each other. Generally, the stone mill process material finer than the normal crusher. The output is granule whose radius can up to 0.074 mm, or even more subtle. The structure is characterized by crushing parts contacting with each other. The medium are usually steel balls, bars, gravels or mineral masses.

There are also some machines combine the function of both normal stone crusher and stone mill. These machines can crush the particles to the size up to 350 to 400 mm. That is quite impressive.

Various crushers have different specifications as well as the function ranges. Multi-crushing jaw crusher or a gyratory cone crusher usually used in crushing rough particles due to its function. Medium-size particles are often produced by the standard-type cone crusher.

Despite the late appearance of impact crusher, the fast development has contributed in its wide spread. Our country's cement industry, building materials, coal and chemical industry, mineral processing as well as other industries have now widely use it in various fields. Stone crusher is so popular mainly not only for its convenience but also for the function that stone crusher has: Produce uniform- size particles in various standards. The size of the final product can be adjusted by changing the type of stone crusher. Different requirement can be made, and in today’s cases, the process of crushing a stone is not what it used like---takes a man huge effort to accomplish, but simple and time-saving due to the many functions provided by the newly stone crushers.

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RE: Do You Know the Function of the Stone Crusher?

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